I’m ready for swimming. Illustrated by Jenna Robaard. Published by Penguin books.

“When I was little, I always had Mummy or Daddy in the water with me. Now, they are sitting at the side.”


I’m ready for swimming is the latest addition to the I’m ready series published by Penguin books and illustrated by Jenna Robaard.

In this cute board book children will be engaged right from the start not only through the illustrations but also the language which speaks right to young readers.

The little possum in this story is going to swimming lessons on their own for the first time – which can be very daunting for both child and parent but with the special swimming teachers that there are out there, this little possum has a great time and feels very proud of herself by the end.

Jenna Robard’s illustrations are not only gorgeous, they are also filled with little details for younger readers to pore over as the story is being read to them.

I’m ready for swimming is an excellent book to buy now as many little swimmers begin to swim on their own throughout summer and beyond.


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