Tree beings by Raymond Huber and Sandra Severgnini with a foreword by Dr. Jane Goodall. Published by EK Books.

I urge you to join the growing number of people who are fighting to protect and restore forests, who are planting and caring for trees.

Tree Beings is an amazing book, much needed for our time and for the children who will read this.

Carefully set out for young readers (ages 6-12), tree beings focusses not only on the physical sense of trees but also the people who have worked tirelessly to look after them.

Set out with four big ideas – Life in the trees, How trees can save us, Trees are like beings and Trees need our help, each section gives the reader a biography of people who have worked with trees to save them, an activity for the reader to do and also various facts about trees.

Readers will learn about how to understand the life of a tree through it’s rings, medicines that trees give us, how many rainforests provide much loved foods such as Brazil nuts and even how trees talk to each other.

There are so many amazing scientists and activists out there in the world acting quietly to make sure forests are not chopped down and without their actions, which may seem so small – many of the worlds forests would not exist today – there would be much less.

This book should spark conversation and activism. It should help children to see how important it is to care for trees and how our small actions can save hundreds of trees every day. With collective effort children will read about how simple acts such as hugging trees, giving loggers boxes of chocolates and even creating tree music can make a difference because – it builds awareness.

Tree Beings is a must have book for ALL homes and classrooms and with great teacher notes – you’ll know just how to implement the lessons into the classroom TEACHER NOTES HERE


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