Puffin Little Books. Little Explorer: The Ocean.

As little explorers, one of our most important missions is to protect our oceans

Little explorer: The Ocean by Puffin books is another great addition to this series that will encourage young readers to learn more about non-fiction texts, research skills and topics in our world.

In this Puffin Little book, young readers will be able to learn about the different parts of the ocean as well as the different habitats animals can live in.

Children will learn a myriad of new vocabulary that will enhance their reading skills and ability to understand more complex texts when they come across them.

Included in this book is a map of the world as well as cute sketches of ocean animals and habitats. Students will be engaged with these illustrations as they enhance the text when vocabulary may be more difficult. The images also give students more of an understanding of the text.

The glossary at the back is an excellent tool for students to be able to use as well as the Did you Know? Sections scattered throughout the book.

This book links in closely with science: Living things as well as aspects of Geography.

Little Explorer: The Ocean can also be used within literacy sessions, namely reading groups, to give students the opportunity to access non-fiction texts that are at their level and not screen based.

I have used these books in the Stage One classroom and have had great success in teaching students basic research skills through the use of keywords, short and sharp did you know facts as well as labelling diagrams. 

Check out the other books in this Little Explorer series and purchase your set today


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