The garden in my heart by Nikki Rogers

When you sow seeds of goodness it’s not only good for you, but your plants can bring joy to other people too!

This is another beautiful book in Nikki Rogers ‘Created to be’ book collection.

The garden in my heart is written in rhyme for children to learn about the importance of the actions they take and how they play a role in how we feel about ourselves, our day and other people.

Sowing seeds in the garden has been compared to how we sow seeds of goodness, friendship and happiness but also to feelings of greed, jealousy or grumpiness. Through the delightful rhyme, children will understand how we can sow seeds every day to make sure that we and others have the best day possible.

We all have gardens in our hearts and we all have the ability to use these gardens in the best way possible. Nikki Rogers has shared this message in a way that older children will enjoy and younger children will understand.

The illustrations are soft and gentle, not only showing children using a garden but also interacting with joy with others around them.

The garden in my heart is a great book to read at home but also one to be shared in the classroom and discussed further about actions we take and how every action can have a consequence we do not always expect.

So, use this to teach children and to discuss with them about how sowing ‘good’ seeds can make the world a better place for all of us.


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