What love looks like by Nikki Rogers

We were made to love and be loved beyond measure. Each one is unique, a valuable treasure!

Inspired by the 5 love languages written by Gary Chapman, Nikki Rogers book ‘What love looks like’ explains to children the different ways we can show others we love them and how they show us.

Written as an explanation text, each double page spread outlines how we can show love in different ways to those we trust and care for. Accompanied with Nikki’s bright and loving illustrations, the reader can read an example of how the child on the page understands others ‘love language’ and can find a way to show them. Along with this example the reader is offered a question to think about in regards to how they show others love and also how they feel love themselves.

Growing empathy is a very important part of growing up. The more we can understand others, the better we can know how to talk to them, consider our actions and act accordingly. 

Empathy is something that needs to be developed from a young age. The more empathy we have, the better we can react to people and their actions. 

Created to be Books really are a must have set as being easy to read they can be shared on a daily basis as a stepping stone to talk more about the best people we can be. 

Follow up activity:

Ask your young child to think about when they feel loved and what they do to show they love others. Discuss the different types of love they think they prefer and compare to other children and adults around them.

The more we understand each other and where we are all coming from, the better the world we live in.


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