Anisa’s alphabet by Mike Dumbleton and Hannah Sommerville

Anisa’s alphabet is a special and moving picture book that allows readers to look into the lives of refugees as they move throughout the alphabet A-Z.

Readers will meet young Anisa who as we move through the alphabet is forced to leave her home because of war.

She flees with her family through dangerous conditions, ending up in a refugee camp. Like many refugees she wants more than what the camp can offer and they sail through rough and dangerous conditions one night in search of a better life.

We have heard many stories of refugees and this one is not different. A family in search of what everyone should have – freedom, choice and safety. Despite bleak locations and loss, Anisa keeps hope and hopes that one day she can have these things.

Anisa’s alphabet is the perfect book to share with younger readers along with older students to step through the journey many refugees go through in order to get somewhere else, perhaps only slightly better to where they came from.

We need to share more of these stories so that we are more aware of what these people have to go through. The more people who are aware, the better the outcomes for these people will be as we can all step up and make a huge difference.

Here are some teacher notes for use within the classroom and at home:


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