Sooty and Snow. A book about boundaries by Nikki Rogers

Sooty looked through the fence pales wanting to explore. She had all she could need but she just wanted more!

Everyone loves a chicken story and this one is just as cute – with a great message about being grateful for what we have.

Sooty and Snow are little chickens who live in a lovely green yard with everything they need – but Sooty wants more! She wants to know what is beyond the white fence pales and being a chicken, she tries every way she can to get through.

She manages to squeeze through the middle and dig underneath the paling fence throughout the week for a tiny bit of freedom but is always found and brought back inside.

It isn’t until she discovers that she can leap over the fence that her adventures really begin but with consequences!

Sooty and Snow is a cute rhyming story that not only entertains young readers through the prose but also the fun illustrations. .

Nikki Rogers has created a great set of books – Created to Be books and this is just the first of many that I can’t wait to share.

She knows how to send children a message of safety, trust and happiness yet also help them to make the final decision themselves. In a world where we often want what is over the ‘fence’, this book will help children to realise that what we often have at home is the best and with time, over the fence can be part of our lives but we first need to look towards ourselves.

‘The people here loved her, she was very blessed. Sooty finally realised home really was best!’ 


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