I heart pluto. Words by Chris Ferrie and Helen Maynard-Casely, illustrated by Lizzy Doyle.

But with so many things spinning around the Sun, can they all be called planets, each and every one?

I heart Pluto Words by Chris Ferrie and Helen Maynard-Casely, illustrated by Lizzy Doyle, is a wonderful new board book designed to teach young readers about what a planet is and is not!

Many young children would have heard of Pluto – the object that is no longer a planet and perhaps have wondered why.

This book will answer those questions! Through rhyme and colourful illustrations this story takes a fun look at the different objects in our solar system and outlines why planets are planets.

It all begins when Pluto is not able to join a planet party and it wonders why it isn’t on the list, until finally a space rock comes along and outlines the three rules for being a planet!

Pluto learns the differences between planets and other objects and discovers that it is not alone – Children will learn that there are many other important parts of our solar system and exploring beyond the planets is a lot of fun!

The bright illustrations will really catch young readers eyes and the fun party like atmosphere really show through Lizzy Doyle’s clever illustrations.

I heart Pluto is a great early reader book and a wonderful way to teach children about Pluto!


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