Eloise and the bucket of stars by Janeen Brian.

Eloise and the bucket of stars is a magical new book by Janeen Brian which intertwines mythical creatures and the harsh life many orphans had over 200 years ago.

Meet Eloise, a young girl who has lived in an orphanage for her whole life, she doesn’t know who her family are and there is no record anywhere of where she can from or how she was orphaned.

She lives with younger orphans of whom she has to care for and three nuns, of which one is very unkind and has a distinct hatred for Eloise. Her days are spent doing chores with little chance to learn or have time to herself.

Eloise spends most evening whispering her dreams to the stars above and dreaming of a day when she can have a family of her own. But when kind sister Genevieve reads her a story about unicorns, her mind whizzes and wonders – are they truly real?

The chance finding of an old mysterious letter by her friend the blacksmith and the arrival of a new older orphan keeps Eloise busy as she tries to find meaning behind the strange things occurring in her life.

Eloise and the bucket of stars is a magical story that will take you on an adventure of hope. You’ll feel for Eloise as she experiences many hardships, you’ll feel her tears and worries and then excitement as she discovers more about unicorns.

The unicorn only plays a small role in this story but perhaps gives the reader a bigger message about hope, friendship and belief in magic.

Eloise and the bucket full of stars is a great new middle grade fiction book which will enlighten younger readers about a little bit of history and a lot about magic and friendship!


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