Albert Namatjira by Vincent Namatjira

Despite facing hardships and injustice, Albert left behind an amazing legacy

This is a book for all Australian homes, for art classrooms and history lessons, for geography and english – it is a book to inspire young artists but also to bring about awareness of the hardships that so many indigenous Australians have faced over the years.

Written by Vincent Namatjira, the great grandson of Albery Namitjira, this picture shows and tells readers about the life of Albert – his artistic abilities , his country & the struggle he had between the two worlds of ‘white’ australia and his Indigenous heritage and cultures. 

Readers will learn about how he came to be a widely recognised artist but also how he felt after he was made the first Indigenous Australian citizen. – torn between two cultures and two different sets of rules.

This picture book is accessible to all ages from primary school students and above – you can explore the discrimination of the past, Albert’s legacy that still lives on today & his creative abilities.

Many people at the time of Albert’s exhibitions new little of Indigenous culture or even parts of Western Aranda (Harmannsburg) where he lived and through this he opened many people’s eyes to the beauty of Australia but also the injustices that were going on without many knowing.

Take this book – read & share – it is amazing and it will inspire many good actions .

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