The Frozen Sea by Piers Torday

“That’s the best book I ever read”….he said, “and by book, I mean unbelievable secret weapon.

The sequel to The Lost Magician, The Frozen Sea,  fast forwards many years where we meet Jewel, adopted daughter of Patricia and her pet Hamster.

Jewel loves her mum but is frustrated by the constant whispers and unfinished stories about her Aunt Evie. Too often Jewel has heard her mother talk about a sister called Evie  who disappeared many years ago but has neve been told the details about how or why.

Jewel, likes her mother is inquisitive and loves reading but it isn’t until she finds herself in a dusty old bookshelf that she realises how important reading is and how important she is.

It is here, in this dusty bookshelf that she meets the librarian and embarks on a journey to save Evie and the world as we know it from certain destruction.

The Frozen Sea is another wonderful adventure for middle grade readers – with a mixture of magic, common sense and of course self realisation. 

Readers will adore the imaginative world Piers Torday has built along with the strength that young Jewel shows in the face of many dangers.

It’s a must read book to re ignite the love of libraries, of books and of escaping the world into the wonders of imagination.

This book would be a wonderful novel study:

  • excellent character development and the variety of characters.
  • explore the different worlds within worlds developed.
  • Explore the importance of libraries and bricks and mortar bookshops.
  • Explore links to fairytales and their need in the modern world.

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