The girl who drank the moon by Kelly Barnhill

Infinite, Luna thought. The way the universe is infinite. It is light and dark and endless motion; it is space and time, and space within space, and time within time. And she knew: There’s no limit to what the heart can carry.

The girl who drank the moon is the magic of moonlight, the love of a mother and the ripples of hope from one person.

You’ll love Luna and the magic that pulses within her soul, her grandmother Xan, who cares for her like her own and the magical beasts Glerk and Fryian who stand by her side and she grows from a baby found on the forest floor to a young girl strong and full of self belief.

Kelly Barnhill will transport you to a town smothered in sorrow. For too many years the people of ‘The Protectorate’ have lived in fear, sadness and worry. They accept the things they cannot change, they never question why and they put up with the mundane life they live. They also sacrifice one newborn baby every year to please the never seen witch who lives in the forest.

That is until one mother fights back. Until one baby is filled with the magic of moonlight and one boy sees past the lies and sorrows.

The Girl who drank the moonlight will awaken your imagination and belief in magic not only in the literal sense but also the magic of hope, love and community.

Kelly Barnhill is a master storyteller. This story not only brought tears to my eyes, happiness to the pit of my stomach but also hope and belief in humankind. We can all be strong enough to make changes for the better – we just need to open our eyes and see beyond the walls of the places we live.


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