Slow down world by Tai Snaith

Do you sometimes feel like your world is moving too fast? 

Soothing words, mesmerizing sentences and a calm atmosphere encompass you as you read this magical and relaxing picture book.

Slow down world encourages the reader to spend quiet time looking into your imagination, moving at your own pace and not letting worries get the better of us.

This book is a timely reminder for all of us who are swept up in a busy world to stop, take a breath and move in the moment. It also helps us to reflect on the wonder each of us have within ourselves.

This book has been written with children in mind but I truly believe that readers of any age will appreciate the message it is sending us.  Life is too short to rush, worry and constantly think about what is coming up next.

After the story there are several suggested activities for children to do and think about – mindful hugs, gratitude, outside play, stopping and breathing and expressing feelings.

Each illustration has been created through collage which gives a playful approach to the calm message.

Slow down world by Tai Snaith is a beautiful picture book, one which will remain with you long after it is read and hopefully encourage you to slow down -because when you slow down you have more time to make friends, try new things and appreciate special moments.


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