Why Educate. Empower?

When you flick on the book you are turning the light on to many different issues that affect our world.

Many of these issues can be difficult to talk about with young children but through picture books, junior fiction and fiction we can make more meaning of these big issues and start to make changes in our lives to positively affect the world.

Issues such as rising water levels, change in the climate, destruction of natural areas, extinction of flora and fauna, increase in plastic waste, chemicals in our lives, displaced people, getting back to our roots and play can all be difficult to talk about so please use this blog to help inspire you to talk.

Each week I will post at least one new book with some ideas on how you can talk about the big issues and link activities to make even more sense.

If you have a book you would like reviewed please contact me.

If you have an issue you would like links made to also please contact me.


I was watching a TED talk by Kristen Marhaver about growing baby coral to help replenish reefs.

She said this that inspired me to try and make a difference, to try and help others understand what is going on in the wider world and how it relates to us even in the smallest way.

And yet, almost everyone I meet, no matter how educated, is not sure what a coral is or where they come from. How would we get someone to care about the world’s coral reefs when it’s an abstract thing they can barely understand? If they don’t understand what a coral is or where it comes from, or how funny or interesting or beautiful it is, why would we expect them to care about saving them

This blog is here to inspire parents and teachers to read more often with their children. To make meaning within the books that can give us so much.

Take the time to read some of my reviews which link in teaching and learning ideas for parents and teachers.

Please let me know if you would like a book reviewed or some lessons planned for you.

I hope my blog can try to make meaning to real  issues – let me know!


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