This is not a book by Kellie Byrnes and Aska. Published by EK books

Teachers will love this book – it is a great way to break down how to write a narrative and the reasons we have different parts to a story.

The book starts with a character who can’t believe that they are a character in a book until they realise they are the main character & there is an interesting setting. From here the character talks about how the story needs more action, a problem and of course a solution – and of course it appears.

The concept of narrative writing can be difficult to branch beyond just the simple storyline but this picture book will really engage young writers into thinking beyond their usual ideas and into new and exciting ideas to embed into their writing.

Aska’s illustrations are bright and not only full of colour but the main character is animated in so many different ways that the readers can gather further ideas about who this character really is.

This is not a book is highly recommended for primary school teachers to use in imaginative text lessons to excite, engage and ignite ideas!

Lesson ideas

*start with this book before going into lessons about imaginative texts

*Use this book to compare a story read and see if the story has the parts that this book has told us we need.

*Look at how the character developed throughout the story and how the characters words & pictures give us more information.


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