Our world out of balance. Understanding Climate change and what we can do by Andrea Minoglio & Laura Fanelli. Published by Blue Dot

The movement to stop climate change happens one person at a time. Today that person is you!

Written for older readers due to the large amount of content – but with illustrations to support each area of discussion, younger readers can also engage with the topic areas alongside an adult as discussion starters.

Our world out of balance examines, in depth for children, what climate change is and why it is occurring.

From explaining the greenhouse effect, why sea levels rise to how large rainforests like the Amazon work, readers will come away more informed about how planet earth works in unison.

They will then be able to explore the major impact humans have had on the planet through creating bigger cities that encroach on natural forests, producing excess pollution and damaging animal habitat.

Luckily – there is hope, as on each page that is filled with words that explain the damage we are doing, ideas to stop the damage are explained with simple and easy to achieve actions by each and every one of us.

Laura Fanelli’s illustrations are colourful and informative, giving extra explanation to the information that fills the pages. They also highlight the joy that there is in life on this planet and the very reason we should not give up hope.

Teachers & parents should use this book – but use it through discussion, bounce off the illustrations and really focus in on the aspect ‘How people are helping’.

Climate change, especially today, can be a very upsetting topic for many so read it with hope – talk about what we can do & keep up those messages of action – as without them, the reality of climate change can just be doom and gloom.

A great addition to the sustainability, Science & Geography strand in the Australian Curriculum.

Resources here: https://www.bluedotkidspress.com/resources


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