Once upon our planet. Rewild bedtime 12 stories. Written by Vita Murrow & illustrated by Aitch. Published by Magic Cat books

Once upon a time there was a planet. Our planet. A place of mysterious beauty, filled with heat and ice, forests and deserts, creatures of all shapes and sizes.

12 bedtime stories – or 12 stories to read at any time of the day – Once upon our planet is a book filled with short stories that will not only ignite the imagination, it will also teach about the wonders of our planet and the ways we can start to work towards caring for it.

A mixture of mythology & legends this story will leave readers of all ages wondering if it could be true and how those animals might work together now.

Teachers can use this book to reignite the beauty of reading aloud as well as teaching the ability to link storytelling to real world events – both past and present.

Aitch’s stunning illustrations fuel more wonder and awe at each of the stories as they are filled with colour & detail, linking the mythical & factual world into one.

We need these stories more than ever – when stories are told through fairytale, myth or fable they somehow bring about more meaning as to why we need to act in certain ways.

This book should inspire care for the land – and those who have come before us in protecting it.


  • Read this book aloud
  • Ask older students to link the stories to current and past world events – look for people and places that reflect the story being told
  • Sustainability – how does storytelling encourage us to take action? Can a simple story inspire a project in your workplace?

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