Carly Mills: Pioneer Girl. The lady with the lamp by Jane Smith

“Live life when you have it. Life is a splendid gift – there is nothing small about it.” 

Jane Smith has created another wonderful historical fiction novel for younger readers – this time transporting them back in time to meet Florence Nightingale!

Carly, the main character,a strong and intelligent girl who makes careful decisions and absorbs the world around her is a perfect role model for readers. Not only does she treat those around her with care and kindness, she is also eager to learn and help when needed. 

The past three books have welcomed readers into Australia’s past and the notable women here but in this book Carly travels to London with two of her school friends and by Chapter 3 they are back into the 1800’s to meet and help Florence Nightingale!

The girls learn about London, the hospital system and the poor sanitation that often is the cause of death – not necessarily the illness they have.

The girls & the readers will learn about how many women were treated by men, how important so many nurses were during the war in Crimea, 1854, and how simple methods and care had to be the best way to help people.

I highly recommend this book to readers aged 8-12 not only for the excellent storytelling but also the fun way to learn about amazing women in history and the events they took part in. 

It is a set to have at home or in the library and hopefully one we can keep adding too!


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