Show us where you live, Humpback by Beryl Young and illustrated by Sakika Kikuchi. Published by Greystone Kids.

Now we will drift and dream and the wide sea and the whales in this wondrous world we share.

This book is just lovely – I really enjoyed reading this & found it not only informative but calming & nostalgic of the time when my children were young and discovering all of the wonderful things they could do.

As we drift along through the story we see the mother whale looking after her calf and keeping her safe and on the following page – a young child being kept safe by its mother as it learns about the world around.

Readers will be mesmerized as well as informed but most of all start a new or deeper love for whales and feel that need to really care for the oceans they live in.

Use this in the classroom – lesson activities below:

  • Learn more about whales, their life cycle and how they care for their young.
  • Compare whales to humans, how they look after each other & how they learn about their world. Go through each page to note the comparisons.
  • Explore the habitats of oceans & how whales survive here.
  • Discuss how we can care for whales through caring more for the ocean and what we put into it.
  • Design a safe habitat for whales with the right food as well as rules for people who use it. Create a poster or video to share the message
  • Explore the descriptive & figurative language that is used.

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