Ocean devotion by Elizabeth Mary Cummings & Melissa Salvarani

No more plastic in our oceans, seas and land.

A clean future for all, let’s make a stand

Collage and watery pastel illustrations fill the pages of this new picture book written by Melissa Salvarani and Elizabeth Mary Cummings and not only fill the reader with a sense of awe, but also teach them a thing or two about how we need to care more about our oceans.

Set in Hawaii we meet two children – Hiapo & Kalea, who love living by the ocean but unfortunately for them they soon discover a sea of plastic that seems just too big for them to deal with.

Luckily with persistence, and a few rhyming words, these children learn that the ocean can be cleaned up & they can stop the use of plastic in our daily lives.

This book sends a simple yet powerful message to young children and hopefully the adults that read aloud to them too – plastic is not something we want in our oceans & it is something we can live without in many different aspects of our lives.

There is a great glossary at the back that readers can discuss as well as some images of plastic in the wild that may spark some great discussions and research. 

Check out Elizabeth’s website https://elizabethmarycummings.com/resources/teachers-notes/


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