Max Booth Future Sleuth #6: Map Trap by Cameron Macintosh . Published by Big Sky Publishing

This is the first Max Booth book I have read and wow – it was great!

Young readers – ages 7-12 will engage with this book almost immediately with it’s initial setting in an old fashioned gaming arcade, and our two main characters – Max & his trusty robot dog, Oscar, playing a favourite game from 200 years ago – Grimecraft!

Full of ongoing action and adventure with sensible choices and great problem solving, young readers will enjoy travelling along with Max as he discovers new objects from the 20th & 21st century – namely games, phones and GPS devices.

The action starts to build when the two friends find a GPS device from 2015, manage to charge it up and turn it on and then, follow it’s instructions to take them to the original owners home. It’s when they finally arrive at an abandoned house that the really action begins -and Max & Oscar are on a mission!

Max Booth, Future Sleuth is a fun filled, action pack book with great links to future and past technology, great problem solving, team work and of course clever solutions.

I’ll have to find the other books in this series and share with some younger readers who love adventure, mystery & the possibilities of the future!


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