The great barrier reef by Helen Scales and Lisk Feng. Published by Flying eye Books

It is a place as fragile as it is magnificent

The Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s great natural wonders, has been made more accessible to children through this new non fiction book by Helen Scales and Lisk Feng. The easy to understand layout and intriguing drawings make for a book that can be read from front to back or by chosen chapter (although it is missing an index which would be even more helpful) This book will enlighten and engage readers about the many aspects of the Great Barrier Reef.

Within these pages readers will learn about the various creatures that live on the reef as well as how humans have interacted with it over the many years from hunting to shipwrecks and realising how taking from the reef needs to be gentle – not for greed.

Different reef scientists are explored along with how science has helped us to learn more about the reef and each page is accompanied by colourful and realistic illustrations which add more meaning to the text – and a great way for younger readers to engage as well. 

The final chapter asks the reader to consider more about their daily actions and how they can consider not to eat seafood and if they do – think about where and how their seafood was caught, listen to scientists who ask us not to use fossil fuels which are warming the air which in turn is warming the water causing coral bleaching and the death of not only coral but the animals – large and microscopic – that need it to survive. 

This is an excellent resource for the science classroom as it falls across so many parts of the Science curriculum  such as inquiry, living things, notable scientists, materials, the earth.

Use this book by purchasing a few copies and allowing students to become experts of the different chapters – sharing their expertise in their own words will bring more understanding and enjoyment of how the Great Barrier Reef plays a role in all of our lives. 


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