Song bird: Drought Rescue by Karen Tyrrell.

Song bird is back and this time she is off to the outback to help her Aunt and Uncle on their drought effected farm but of course there is no Song bird adventure without the earth hating ‘Destructo’.

Young readers will love this book – from chapter one we meet Songbird and her best friends as they help save a speeding train from derailing and through this understand how strong their friendship is and how gifted they are in their different ways.

Australian children will love that the setting is in outback Queensland and that the characters really visit different places around there, they will also love the innovation and courage that Songbird and her friends display at every moment – still showing that they are children & doubt themselves but also showing that teamwork and encouragement can get them out of trouble. 

The action is high paced with various problems being thrown at the children throughout each chapter – speeding trains, missing aunties and of course the destruction that Destructo always manages to throw at them. Overarching the story is the issue of water and the reasons drought is such a huge issue we really need to address – children will not only feel for people of outback Queensland, they will realise that just like Songbird and her friends, they can help to make sure water is always available if it is used in the right way – not for greed!

The Songbird series are great reads – they empower children to show they can do anything, they encourage good friendship, they help children to understand that they can make a difference in the world and they are lots of fun!

I think this is my favourite Songbird book so far & I can’t wait to share it with some younger readers – recommended for ages 7-12.



  1. Vanessa, thank you for your generous review of Song Bird Drought Rescue. Karen’s books are created to help children learn about environmental issues while enjoying the adventure. I enjoy writing the Destructo chapters, he’s the exact opposite of Song Bird. He’s driven by his own selfish wants and Song Bird always helps all people. We particularly love bringing the characters to life in our school dramatic readings. Destructo may hate Song Bird and the environment but he’s always ready to perform at schools.

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  2. WOW!
    Thanks Educate. Empower for this awesome review of SONG BIRD DROUGHT RESCUE.
    I really appreciate the detail and sharing what you liked most of all.
    Especially, thrilled that this was your favourite Song Bird book.
    Did you know that Steve wrote the Destructo chapters?
    And we collaborated with AB Paterson College, Gold Coast?
    Karen & Steve

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