Kids fight plastic by Martin Dorey: How to be a #2minutesuperhero

Set out in 16 mini missions, readers will not only be engaged to read the missions, they will also come away with some easy tips and tricks to avoid plastic in all areas of their lives.

Plastic is all consuming and too many of us see it as a way of life that we cannot step away from – it comes down to a change in attitude and a realisation that the plastic we use today will be with us forever – so we need to stop using it now!

Martin Dorey has set this book out in a great way through outlining different locations we use plastic in (supermarket, garden, school bag & bathroom), why plastic is used here (possibly hygiene, convenience & cost) and how we can change this.

Take the supermarket for example – plastic is used here for hygiene and food safety BUT this can be changed! Martin Dorey suggests we write letters to the companies we love, asking them to swap to compostable plastics or at least less plastic packaging or swapping where we shop to somewhere where we can BYO containers and fill up on goods that are plastic wrap free.

Each page is illustrated in an eye catching fashion with labels and drawings that show the reader how this can be done – so if the book is too text heavy for younger readers, the illustrations can help a lot.

All schools need a copy of this and many homes which are struggling to change should have one too. Children can see the problem but many adults cannot – empower the children with the knowledge and the evidence and hopefully parents & adults will listen.

Kids fight plastic is an important book & one which needs to be read by everyone who is too in love with plastic! 


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