With a little kelp from our friends. The secret life of seaweed by Mathew Bate. Illustrated by Liz Rowland. Published by Thames and Hudson

There are around 10000 different types of seaweed…..

Seaweed is the largest of all the marine algae but it is often not thought about unless it comes to sushi by many of us but there is so much to this amazing plant and this book – with a little kelp from our friends – enlightens readers of all ages to what lies beneath the surface.

Each page is adorned with illustrations to accompany the information which is broken down on each double page spread into different topic areas about seaweed.

From the differences between seaweed and plants to how different countries eat it, why we need to support the growth of seaweed to how seaweed is an excellent alternative for food eaten by cattle, this book not only will teach young scientists about seaweed but also why we need it to ensure we have a better future.

This is an excellent resrouce for classroom teachers who want to move beyond the life cycle of plants to seaweed as through this you are creating more depth and interest to the world of living things and probably beyond what many children are aware of.

With a little kelp from our friends. The secret life of seaweed is a book for both adults and children to read and more importantly our governments and people who can invest more in changing our future for the better of all.


  • Research seaweed instead of plants or do both and compare!
  • Geography – where are seaweed farms and why do we need them?
  • Sustainability – learn more about how seaweed is making a difference in many different parts of our lives.


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