Bear and Rat by Christopher Cheng and illustrated by Stephen Michael King. Published by penguin books.

‘Bear,’ said Rat. ‘I’ve been wondering. Will we always hold hands like this, even when we are old and wrinkly….’

Christopher Cheng has always written beautiful stories and this one is not only a story about friendship, it is one which will pull on your heart strings.

Bear and Rat are the best of friends and as the story weaves it’s magic, we watch as Rat wonders if Bear will always be his friend even when they are old, scared, in difficult situations or sick. Stephen Michael King’s illustrations show the friendship between the two – their endearing body language and the simple activities they enjoy doing together, adding depth to how close the friendship between Bear and Rat is.

Christopher Cheng writes books straight from the heart and his own experiences. This one was written with a dedication to his late wife Bini and the love and friendship they shared over the years.

This story is one to share with those you love, those who you might be losing or given to someone who has just lost a loved one.

It’s beautiful and it shows what true friendship and what we do for others when we care about them.

You might shed a tear – but it will remind you of those you love


  • Use this for students who may have lost a loved one to show them that they will always have them in the heart and mind.
  • Talk about what true friendship is and reflect on the people in our classrooms and community who show this to us.

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