The Emu who ran through the sky by Helen Milroy. Published by Magabala books

Tales from the bush mob

Classroom use

  • Links in Australian indigenous storytelling
  • Links to different Australian animals – science & literacy
  • Storytelling – Narratives – Imaginative texts

In the second book of the series – Tales from the Bush Mob – we meet Lofty, an Emu who is slow and clumsy but longs to be accepted by his peers as one of them. Despite being teased for his clumsiness, Lofty practices every day on his own to become faster and better at running.

As he runs and practices he watches other animals about him and one in particular – Eagle.

Eagle is injured one day and Lofty stops to help him. After talking to each other as Eagle heals, Eagle learns how much Lofty wants to fly so decides to help him.

As the story weaves it’s magic, readers will discover the importance of being kind to others, friendship and determination. They will see that when we take the time to help others it is often that things will come back our way!

Resilience and resourcefulness are excellent traits to have as an individual and through this story – The Emu who ran through the sky – children will see just how important they are.

Helen Milroy’s illustrations link in Indigenous art styles and earthy Australian colours. The colours of the animals and landscape are true to Australia and really allow the reader to feel that they are part of the landscape the story is set in.

An excellent book for all primary school classrooms.


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