Move that mountain by Kate & Jol Temple. Illustrated by Terri Rose Baynton.Published by Scholastic.

Classroom Literacy – Early Stage One – Stage 6. This is a great tool to look at sentence structure and challenge students to make stories that can be read forwards and backwards. Sustainability ES1- Stage 6 – empowering individuals to make a difference. PD – Personal Development – self awareness & belief.

This is the second forwards/backwards book written by this trio – the first being Room on our rock and now Move that Mountain is here!

Written with the same premise of their previous book, the ‘forwards’ story has a move negative tone, telling the reader that they are too small to make a difference and they really shouldn’t bother to even try. But as the reader comes to the final page they see that by reading the story again – ‘backwards’, they will see that they can make a difference especially with power of others around them.

Move that Mountain is an excellent book for the current climate we live in where it often feels like our voices are just to small to be heard. It will empower all readers both young and old as the message is simple – believe in your voice, find others who agree with you and trust that the world will be a better place if we all stand up and take action now.

This book is not only a great tool to engage in discussions about how individual schools can make a difference through their own projects but it is also a great tool for the literacy classroom – looking at how words and sentences can be fun!


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