The gentle genius of trees by Philip Bunting. Published by Scholastic

Excellent picture books for Stage 1-4 Science (Living things, sustainability, life cycles, trees – focus study for what they need and why we need them), Visual Art (drawing trees, leaves and their root systems). Sustainability – why we need trees, how they help our environment and how they help us.

Philip Bunting has created some excellent picture books that engage readers through fun narrative yet also leave a simple message about caring for the world and those that live in it!

The gentle genius of tree is all about – trees! Through fun illustrations and diagrams readers will learn about how Photosynthesis works, how trees give us oxygen, the amazing root system they have to not only feed themselves but also to communicate with those plants around them.

Readers will also learn that we can learn so much from trees such as the slower a tree grows, the stronger it is – a great message for us as we rush around too often.

There are so many take aways from this book – both factually about trees but also a great analogy for our own lives.

A great book for Stages 1-4 for Literacy, Science, Well-Being and Sustainability.

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