Wombat by Christopher Cheng & Liz Duthie. Published by Walker Books

Far underground, where dirt and tree roots mesh, tunnels lead to a burrow, and Wombat’s day begins.

Wombat is a book part of the nature storybooks series and is a wonderful new addition.

Readers will not only read the narrative of how the wombat feels in her daily life as she moves through her day building burrows, fending off strangers, escaping from dingoes and then having a baby; they will also learn more detailed facts about why wombats do the things they do.

When fact is intertwined with fiction children can be so much more engaged and also build much more empathy for the living thing that is being described – learning to understand that they feel similar emotions to us and need to use problem solving skills just like we do too.

Christopher Cheng’s words are easy to read and engaging and with a storyline that includes suspense and finally joy, young readers are hooked. Liz Duthie’s illustrations are marvellous. The life like sketches of the wombats give more depth to the writing, allowing the reader to see how the wombat looks and moves and very importantly the habitat which gives them life.

Wombat is another excellent book for teachers to use in their science lessons.

  • Engaging life cycle discussion – use this as a springboard into more research.
  • Explore wombat habitat.
  • Understand predators of wombats
  • Discuss and act on how we can ensure wombats do not become endangered
  • Create a unit all about wombats by linking in Jackie French’s books – most notably Hairy Nosed Wombats find a home.

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