The Flying Angel by Vicki Bennett and Tull Suwannakit. Published by Scholastic

‘Thank you for saving my life, Sister Craig.’ the letter says. ‘I will remember you always. Alfred.’

Set during World War 2, this carefully told story by Vicki Bennett and illustrated by Tull Suwannakit, tells us about the important role nurses played during world war two and their role in caring for the injured soldiers of PNG.

Children ages 8 and up will enjoy this story not only for it’s historical information but the way we grow to know Sister Marie Eileen Craig and the love and dedication she had for her role as a nurse during the war.

Many stories are told about the horrors of war or the men that served us but this story is different as the key focus is on the care given to these soldiers and the bravery of these nurses to make sure the injured men could get back to hospitals to safety.

The words and illustrations work so nicely together showing and telling at the same time. The colours used by Tull give the reader a feel for what life was like during times of desperation on the battle field and then times when there was place to reflect and relax.

ANZAC day is a day commemorated by all Australians and the more stories we know about the people who cared for others and our country, the better understanding we have of why we need to continue to make this world a great place for everyone to live now and in the future.

In the classroom

  • Look at the different shades used by the illustrator to depict emotion. Compare the different pictures and how shade and light give the reader an idea of what else is happening.
  • Explore how the author has drawn on stories about Sister Marie Eileen Craig to create this picture book for children.
  • Compare this book to other ANZAC day picture books and see how this broadens your understading of what happened during this time.
  • ANZAC day books here


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