Bots and Bods. How robots and humans work, from the inside out by John Andrews. Published by CSIRO.

How is a robot the same as a human? Can robots really help us? How has the human body inspired robots and their pieces?

Bots and Bods – what an amazing idea! We often think of robots and humans as completely different things but in actual fact our bodies have inspired most robotic designs and many robots are now designed to help our bodies either stay in shape or to keep us out of danger.

In this book, written by John Andrews, readers will see the similarities and the differences between human and robots and how our bodies have inspired how robots move and are wired.

With chapters on how robots think and feel, how they sense and know to how they explore places we could never survive in, this book will really show you that robots are a great invention and that perhaps we could not live without them now we know they have helped us in so many ways.

There are a few ‘think about this’ facts boxes which ask readers to think and try and answer – great engagement in and beyond the content.

Teachers can really delved deep into the world of robots through science units and jump into those Higher Order thinking questions to compare and contrast humans and robots and really ask those big questions such as:

  • Do they need us?
  • How have robots changed our lives over time?
  • What are the rules when making a robot?
  • Do we need robots?
  • What if we had never come up with the idea of robots?
  • How do robots harm and help us?
  • How has nature inspired robots?

Teachers notes at CSIRO too – Bots and Bods, John Andrews, 9781486314690 (


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