Joe and the Stars by Phil Cummings and Connah Brecon

Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t always there. 

Joe lives in the beautiful countryside where dust is as orange as sunsets and huge trees shade him on hot days.

It’s a home he has always lived in and one which his family have lived in for many generations so there are many objects that remind him of those who are not around anymore.

One of Joe’s favourite things to do is to look at the stars and think about his Grandpa but unfortunately all of this changes when he has to move to the city and live in a tall tower surrounded by other tall towers and of course without a view of the vast night sky.

Joe finds it difficult at first to adjust to his new home and often wishes he could fly away but over time and with his own imagination, problem solving and positive nature, he is able to make his new home, a little like his old home and so much more. 

With one small creation, Joe makes new friends, keeps his past memories alive and of course starts to love his new home.

Joe and the Stars is an excellent book to read aloud to start discussions about moving home or losing someone that we love. It shows us that home is where our heart is and that those who are in our memories are always around us, no matter what.

Phil Cummings is an amazing writer, his stories always full of imagination and teamed up with Connah Brecon’s fun yet emotional illustrations, this makes for a great new picture book, 

Teachers can also use this in the classroom to springboard into:

Figurative language &

Inferring skills (who is Grandpa, how does Joe feel & how/why do his feelings change)


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