Kid Reporter: The Secret to breaking news by Saffrom Howden & Dhana Quinn

For too long the news has been for adults only. But what happens when the world affects you too? We think its about time young people were more involved in making the news.

Kid Reporter is an excellent new non-fiction book for budding journalists who want to learn what really goes on behind the scenes of a good news story and how to create their own.

Broken up into chapters that explain what real reporters do, how to be a news detective and how to write a story that others want to read, this book is engaging and easy to use.

Not only can individual children and families use this book, teachers might also grab at the chance to use the highly detailed examples in this book to jazz up their lessons on how to write informative texts to make them more real and exciting for students in their classrooms.

Learning how to engage with the news is an important skill and knowing how good news stories are written is even more important in a world full on fake news, conflicting opinions and ever changing scenarios.

Not only will readers walk away from this book with knowledge on how to write a great story, they will also have the knowledge to discern between quality information.

Kid Reporter: The secret to breaking news is a book that will be sitting next to many budding journalists computers and note pads as they read through examples and take part in some of the tips and tricks that are explained. It encourages curiosity, creativity and a belief that good stories can be found by even the youngest of writers.


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