North and South. A tale of two hemispheres by Sandra Morris. Published by Walker books Australia.

Animals have a special ability to be able to read and understand the seasons and accordingly they change how they behave, their appearance and also where they live.

Sandra Morris’ book walks throughout the months of the year and outlines how different animals, from all different continents adapt to survive the changes around them.

On each double page spread there are  two animals for one month – one from the northern hemisphere and  the other the southern hemisphere.

The sketches show the animal in it’s natural habitat and the facts outline how they live, if they migrate and any threats to their survival.

Learning about how the animal kingdom functions is vital for children to do so that they can make connections with their own actions and how they affect everything around them.

Understanding how animals adapt and survive really show us that they are amazing and we need to make sure that more of these animals have conservation status’ of ‘Least concern’

This is a great teaching tool for geography students to show how the world functions so differently at the same time of the year.

It is also a great way to study living things for more able students as they are able to compare habitat and animals in different environments yet on the same planet at exactly the same time!


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