The way of the Weedy Seadragon by Anne Morgan and illustrated by Lois Bury. Published by CSIRO.

Do you believe in dragons?

Through vibrant and detailed illustrations readers will submerge into the world of Weedy Seadragons and learn about not only what they look like but how they camouflage, survive underwater and then have babies.

Anne Morgan’s story carefully explains to readers how the sea dragon lives its life amongst the sea weed in language that suits younger readers but also informs them in a detailed manner. She also cleverly tells the tail of the courtship dance, how the eggs are carried and finally the wriggly way they are born.

Each illustration adds detail to the story and the back pages include extra details for those readers who are keen to know more.

The way of the Weedy Seadragon is an excellent resource for the science classroom with a great life cycle and habitat focus as well as a great way to look at art which focuses on underwater sea animals.

You could use this book to inspire some projects and research into the smaller animals of the world and the various habitats that they live in.

There are great lesson ideas up on the CSIRO website – check them out!


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