Mentor texts and picture books

This book is full to the brim with picture books that can be used as mentor texts in various lessons throughout the curriculum.

However, this blog post is a focus on picture books that can be used in the literacy classroom.

Why do we need real books when presenting new ideas?

  • Students will see how good quality literature is written and gain ideas for their own writing.
  •  The student writers’ have the space to improve their sentence fluency, word choice, and writing conventions such as punctuation.
  • Content specific writing can be richer with various texts used to gain knowledge, different perspectives and understanding.

How to use mentor texts?

  • Choose a text that suits the age level, interest and focus area.
  • Read the text out loud, discuss the illustrations and open discussion before, during and after.
  • Discuss key ideas from the texts & any area of focus (e.g. writing conventions, rhyme, perspective, theme)
  • Jointly construct new ideas from this text.
  • Independent exploration.

Which mentor text?

This is for you to choose but feel free to get in touch if you are unsure which book will suit your topic or key focus area.

Vanessa –


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