F.L.Y.: Financially Literate Youth – The Handbook by Jai Hobbs and Marlies Hobbs.

This handbook is designed to give you the knowledge and confidence to fly (out of the nest, and safely) into life after school. Keep it handy, cherish it like a best mate…

F.L.Y.: Financially Literate Youth – The Handbook by Jai Hobbs and Marlie Hobbs is an excellent new resource written especially for those who have possibly just started their first part time job, are in their final year of school or are about to head off into studying or full time work.

F.L.Y. clearly outlines all the different ways we can make money, look after it and invest wisely – becoming aware of how we can ensure we do not go down the path of debt too easily with over spending, locked in and expensive contracts or hefty fees.

This book is written in very easy to understand language which is concise yet straight to the point – engaging the reader for the right amount of time with ample knowledge to arm themselves with.

Each chapter focusses on different aspects of finances such as earning money, budgeting, property and investment with short, well set out explanations and examples to help readers grasp the content.

Inspired by a 2018 HILDA survey, showing that fewer than 25% of 16-24 year olds could accurately answer 5 questions on financial literacy, the Hobbs’ decided that a book was necessary for the youth of today. The world of finance is very unknown to many young people and even adults but with this book, these readers will go into the world of money with a lot more confidence and sense to ensure they do not lose out or enter debt.

This book will educate and empower young people. It will give them confidence and best of all it can sit on their desks to dog ear and refer to as often as they need to.


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