All because you matter written by Tami Charles and illustrated by Bryan Collier. Published by Orchard Scholastic books.

You mattered.

They mattered.

We matter…and always will

Written with beautiful figurative language, this book not only weaves a story about loving who you are it also paints a peaceful image of how important each and every one of us is.

Underpinning this story isn’t just the fact that we are all important – it is also singing out the importance of black lives as sparked by the recent black lives matter protests.

Children who relate to the black lives matter protests because they are black themselves or have close friends or family members who feel this pain will love this book. They will see that they are important, no matter what the government or others may say and that they have every right to believe in just how important they are.

Children who are not as involved can see in this story that oppression and racism has hindered and harmed millions over the years and that these people have just as much of a right as others to feel loved and love themselves for who they are.

This book will calm a crowd and put a child at ease with its lyrical prose. The illustrations are vibrant, colourful and full of life. Each illustration has a key face looking towards the reading and a background that allows for thinking and questions.

All because you matter is a timely book and a perfect story to share with children of all ages.


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