Jacob’s Fantastic Flight by Philip Waechter. Published by Blue Dot Kids Press.

At first his parents were pretty concerned because having a kid like that was a little weird. But they soon got used to him flying and figured, “So be it – He’s our son, and he’s perfect just the way he is!”

In this imaginative tale, we meet Jacob – a boy who can fly! He flew before he could walk which at first concerned his parents but after time they realised just how special their boy was and embraced his uniqueness.

In Jacob’s Fantastic flight not only will the reader see the importance of embracing our differences but also enjoy a magical tale of Jacob flying with flocks of birds, rescuing some birds from cages and then eventually befriending one who flies back home with him.

The illustrations are fun and whimsical which add to the quirkiness of this tale.

Children will love Jacob’s journey and perhaps wonder what it would be like to fly with a flock of birds instead of catching an aeroplane!

A fun book with a message of following your dreams, imagination is joy and also the importance of caring for the small animals in our lives.

This book could be used to discuss the pet trade and if keeping animals in cages for our own joy is something we should be doing.

It could also be used to springboard into persuasive texts – should pets be allowed from two different perspectives (Jacob’s and Mr Mortar’s POV)


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