Let’s go, Little Roo by Renee Treml. Published by Penguin books

“Look, Little Roo,’ Said Mummy. “I see another joey hiding, just like you.’

“I don’t,” said Little Roo.

“I wonder why he won’t come out,” said Mummy. “I bet he really wants to play.”

Little Roo thought. “Maybe he’s afraid,” she said.

Written alongside beautiful illustrations, Let’s go, Little Roo by Renee Treml is the perfect picture book for anyone who has ever or who might just feel afraid when they have to face new challenges.


Little Roo has come with his mum to a new playground where is doesn’t know anyone and isn’t quite familiar with the place. Feeling nervous and afraid he does not want to budge from the safety of his mother’s pouch and it is only through her gentle questioning that Little Roo learns that there is someone else who might just be feeling the same way as he is.

This picture book is an excellent book to share with young children to help them to understand that it is ok to be afraid of new situations but that there is also a good chance that other people are feeling the same way as them.

It also shows them that a small act of bravery – saying hello to a new playmate can turn the day into one that you hope will never end!

Renee Treml’s illustrations are always stunning and not only do they depict Australian animals and plant life, they also ooze warmth and emotion through the characters expressions.

Let’s go, Little Roo by Renee Treml is an excellent resource for parents as well as teachers to use to help build children’s confidence and techniques to use when they have to do something new.

After you read this book

  • Discuss times when you have felt afraid and what has happened to you.
  • Explore what you might do next time you have to go somewhere where you do no know anyone.
  • Create a conversation or a short performance to explore what you might do in a new situation when you or someone else is feeling afraid.

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