When we say Black Lives Matter by Maxine Beneba Clarke. Published by Lothian Children’s books.

When we smile, Black Lives Matter, we’re raising our spirits high.

The Black Lives Matter movement has been a loud and proud movement in the recent year which has made many of us so much more aware of the injustices in our world. But there is so much more we can do and be made aware of – which is where this colourful new picture book by Maxine Beneba Clarke comes in.

Children are so aware of the big issues in the world but often need more information so not only they have a better idea of what that issue is all about but also assurance that perhaps they can play a role in helping the movement in their actions and words.

Through rhyme and colourful illustrations, When we say Black Lives Matter is an informative yet fun picture book to meander through and learn what this movement is all about.

Children will learn about the positive side of this movement and how it is helping not only the public to be aware of racism but also the black people of society themselves know that they are important and should be treated exactly the same as everyone else.

This book should be shared in all classrooms when looking at the history & geography of many countries, kindness in society and justice for all. This could also be used as a whole class book study.

Children of all ages will get something out of this book and there should be big discussions before, during and after reading.



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