Wild Symphony by Dan Brown, illustrated by Susan Batori Published by Penguin books

Music is a kind of storytelling….

Meet Maestro mouse and his many friends as they travel through the different habitats all over the world making rhyme and music. They rhyme using alliteration, onomatopoeia and storytelling, just to show how important rhythm and music is to our lives.

Dan Brown has created some catchy poems that children will love to listen to and read out loud as they also devour the colourful illustrations with plenty of hidden musical elements!

Children will learn about different animals from all over the world as well as how they live and their habitats – through rhyme! And not only through rhyme, Dan Brown has also created a musical track that you can play alongside the book as you read it out loud.

Music is a vital ingredient to any child’s development and once music plays a role in their lives, as many studies have shown, they learn and can cope with life so much more easily.

This is an excellent book to use when studying living things as well as rhyming poetry – you just need to read the poems out loud, create some joint lines together and children can work from there.

You may also like to focus in on Onomatopoeia (Ka-Boing) or alliteration (gruffly grunty grunts!) to make rhyming a lot more fun.

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