The Virus by Ben Martynoga. Illustrated by Moose Allain. Published by David Fickling books.

Written by science expert Ben Martynoga and cleverly illustrated by Moose Allain, The Virus is an excellent text for those interested in finding out more about what a virus is and most importantly for many of us – what COVID-19 is and why it has appeared! 

Written in an easily accessible layout, The Virus allows readers to not only read about viruses but also see them through labelled diagrams, graphs and funny pictures.

The topic of viruses can be quite heavy but the way this book has been laid out, children will learn and be engaged in this rather complex topic.

Broken up into 9 chapters, readers can learn about what a virus is, how they grow and also how they infect us. The book also learns how some viruses are stronger than others and how we can work together to either get rid of them or become immune through vaccinations. 

Highly recommended for inquisitive minds as the more we know about this microscopic monster, the less anxiety we can feel.


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