Terry Denton’s really truly amazing guide to everything. Published by Penguin books.

In this book you will learn about: The Universe, Planet Earth, Life on Earth, The Human Body, Cool stuff and even time!

But I think what you will learn most is – that there is so much to know and by knowing a bit of everything we can either be a trivia buff or find that topic area that really gets out heads buzzing.

This Really truly amazing guide to everything is a fantastic book for good readers of all ages as not only is it filled with bite sized pieces of information, there are many illustrations, diagrams and interesting conversations!

This book brings about a sense of fun when researching and will hopefully inspire some further research in one of the many topics that is covered.

With topics covered from the solar system to water, insects and pollination, how our brains help us and even the possibility of time travel, there is something in here for everyone!


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