The ultimate animal alphabet book by Jennifer Cossins. Published by Lothian Children’s books.

From Allard’s clownfish to a Zapata sparrow, The Ultimate animal alphabet book is full of colourful illustrations and small facts about hundreds of different animals from all around the world and from every letter of the alphabet!

Jennifer Cossin’s has created another vibrant picture book which allows young readers to see what different animals look like – especially those they may never have heard of before.

Each double page spread is adorned with animals from each letter of the alphabet & Jennifer has done an amazing job at finding plenty of animals for each letter – leaving no page untouched!

This is an excellent resource for children of all ages as not only are the animals organised into starting sounds, they are also animals that many of us may have never heard of before.

The illustrations of every animal show the various patterns and colours they each have along with some in a moving position whilst others stationary.

Children learning about sounds will love this book as they grow in sound awareness as well as realise that the same starting letter can have different sounds too.

Great resource for Infants teachers but also primary teachers who wish to expose older readers to a variety of different animals!


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