We’re all in this together. Written by Skye Hughes. Illustrated by Alice Coates.

We are all one giant family who have to look out for each other to keep each other safe. Not just during times like this, but all the time.

We have all been through a difficult time during the pandemic and we have all had a very different experience of it which many of us, because we are caught up in our small worlds may not realise how others have felt or acted during this time.


In this lovely picture book – We’re all in this together by Skye Hughes, we meet six different children who are all kept apart during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Each child has different experiences whether it was learning how to wear a mask, having to celebrate a birthday without a party or making sure they make the extra effort to ring family that lives in a different household and through these different experiences, they come to realise – when they gather back together just how important their roles where by keeping each other and their community safe.

Families and teachers can read this story to not only read about what others have been up to and how they have felt but to also have the opportunity to relate to someone, to tell their story or to listen to others in their own class.

We’re all in this together is a great picture book to start meaningful discussions and allow space for children to know that we are all in this together, and together we have made a positive impact.

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