We are all kind by P. Crumble and Jonathan Bentley. Published by Scholastic

We are all kind, let us show we care. If you’re hungry, we will always share. 

We are all kind is another beautiful book collaboration by P.Crumble and Jonathon Bentley that highlights all of the different ways we can be kind to one another.

Told in rhyme, each double page spread shows the reader how we can be kind when we help others in various ways. 

Children will see that just by simply listening to someone else, sharing food, saying sorry and even welcoming strangers are all part of making the world a much kinder place. 

The final page leaves a lovely note – we all part our part. This is an important page to focus on as it shows just how important the little actions are in our every day lives to make others feel better.

We are all kind by P.Crumble and Jonathan Bentley is an excellent book to share with younger children to start those discussions about how important kindness is in every aspect of our lives and most importantly – that we all can be kind! 


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