Wombat by Philip Bunting. Published by Scholastic Australia

Pingbat. Pongbat. Plumbat. Numbat

Enter Wombat – a fun filled picture book which plays on the word Wombat with rhyme , rhythm and silliness of course!

As previously done in the marvellous picture book – Mopoke, Wombat uses the base word of ‘bat’ and shows the reader the unknown side of the quiet and gentle Wombat we all know.

You’ll not only meet an Acrobat, a vombat, a free bat and a foe bat you’ll also be able to discuss why wombat’s poo is square and what they really get up to in their burrows.

Wombat is an excellent book for early readers to not only have a laugh but to also build up the confidence to read familiar words.

Philip Bunting’s art is eye catching and always appealing to young readers. 

This is an excellent book for any infant’s classroom and perhaps even primary classrooms to delve deeper into the world of suffixes!


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