Climate change for Babies by Chriss Ferrie and Katherina Petrou

If we all do our part, the Earth will start to feel better.

Climate change for babies is not only a gentle reminder that we need to start acting on how we look after our world now, it is also a way parents and children can have a discussion together about how their actions make a difference.

Many young children are still not as aware as they should be about the demise of the current world we live in due to perhaps parents not knowing themselves, people worried that they are too young to know or adults in their lives not caring enough to know how our actions impact every day.  

So this book, Climate Change for Babies, is the perfect way to dig deep into this topic not just through the book itself but the actions we take later on.

Step by Step children will learn about the atmosphere that surrounds Earth and how this atmosphere helps our planet to be the wonderful place that it is – unlike other planets in our solar system.

Children will then see how our carbon loving actions are making our earth sick (as an image) and then what we can do about it.

This is a book not just to be read but to be used as a springboard into further discussions. It is a book to keep referring to and thinking about so that changes can be made and voices can be raised.

Now more than ever we need to raise a generation of climate aware children so they can help their adults to make more of a difference.

Climate change for babies is a great book for families at home, preschools and also Primary school.

Classroom ideas


Why is it called climate change for babies? How could older students write a scientific book like this so that younger children understand more complex topics? 


Find an aspect of this book that you would like to know more about – e.g. what is atmosphere and how is it different on other planets? 


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